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Higher education in Russia

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About the University

Education - Quality.
Education - Quality.
Education - European.
Education - Available.

Vyatka State University's mission is to train successful people in all fields: from history and law to IT and civil engineering.

Why Vyatka State University?

If you are looking for a quality education in Europe, our University will be a good choice.

We provide up-to-date knowledge, in-demand and sustainable skills in a wide range of training areas.

The Diploma of Vyatka State University will help you to succeed in your personal career or entrepreneurial activity

Almost 20,000 students from 27 countries have already chosen Vyatka State University to get education in the most popular specialties

City of Kirov

There are a lot of places for
active recreation and relaxation

VyatSU is located in the heart of the European part of Russia – Kirov region. The city of Kirov with a population of 500 thousand people is calm and very safe for living.

The city possesses a good infrastructure with a number of places where you can relax, have fun, play sports and make art.

Our medicine is well-developed – lots of visitors come to Kirov from other regions for treatment

Life in Kirov is available to almost anyone

A consumer goods basket (the minimum set of products and goods necessary for life) is a little over 10,000 rubles (slightly over 140$) per month.

The city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes – the Vyatka river, forests and fields, which is very typical for the European part of Russia. The European climate with warm summers (+20) and snowy winters (up to -20) is an opportunity for active life all year round: you’ll find not only University classrooms and scientific libraries, but also concerts, theaters, fitness halls, a Russian bath (banya), competitions, eco-trips around the region and travel across Russia.
The city is known by developed medicine (people come to Kirov from other regions to get treatment). Even during the coronavirus pandemic, cases of infection were not so numerous.

Life on campus

is diverse and comfortable


All international students of Vyatka State University are guaranteed a comfortable accommodation from two to four people in a room.

The cost of living is available to absolutely anyone – only 650 rubles (less than 10 us dollars) per month!

You can also rent an apartment for yourself if you prefer separate housing. Prices for rental housing in Kirov are quite affordable: 8.5-10 thousand rubles (120-140 $) per month for a one-room apartment.

Each student has many opportunities for personal development. If you are interested in art, sports, culture, and music, you are sure to find wide choice of possibilities at the University as well much support.


Interesting programs and prices

Tuition fee

Vyatka State University is very flexible in terms of tuition fee. It varies much from program to program. But in any case, the price for training will pleasantly surprise you: training is cheaper than 70 thousand rubles (less than 1000 US dollars) for one academic year for the most affordable programs!

Thus, we never deviate from our main value – the quality of education is first and foremost! We guarantee a high level of student training, which is often confirmed by our partner employers.

Preparatory faculty tuition fee varies
Preparatory faculty tuition fee varies

$1000 - $1300
from 85 to 110 thousand rubles

College programs cost
College programs cost

$700 - $900
from 53 to 68 thousand rubles

Degree programs vary
Degree programs vary Bachelor's programs

$1300 - $2500
from 98 to 190 thousand rubles

На подготовительном отделении
Master's programs

$1400 - $1600
from 104 to 121 thousand rubles

На подготовительном отделении
Postgraduate programs

$1600 - $1700
from 121 to 128 thousand rubles

Preparatory faculty

If you don’t know the
Russian language

Vyatka State University implements three master's degree programs in English. All other programs of VyatSU are conducted in Russian. Therefore, if you are not fluent in Russian, the University is ready to offer you training at the Preparatory Faculty

Within just one academic year, you will learn not only to speak Russian, but also upgrade your knowledge in the chosen field, where you would like to become a professional.

There are four program areas available
for you at the Preparatory Faculty:


Natural science



Master’s degree

Vyatka State University also conducts
two master's degree programs in English

You can make a choice after entering the Preparatory faculty. We organize excursions (both on- and off- line) so that you can choose the future program that suits you best


How to apply?

A brief guide

collecting documents

We will accept documents for study from June 20, 2023. For admission to bachelor's and master's programs, you should prepare the following set of documents:

1. a copy of your passport and its notarized translation (into Russian)

2. educational documents and their notarized translation (into Russian)

The education document must pass through two procedures:
· legalization;
· nostrification.

Both legalization and nostrification are difficult to pass, but these procedures are not mandatory for all countries. We recommend that you got a preliminary personal consultation at our International office.

Entrance tests (exams)

The set of exams depends on the chosen program. This is also a rather complex issue, which is better discussed during personal consultations.


After successfully passing the exams, you will be accepted to the faculty.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?


True stories of our graduates


Goksenin Berkay


Preparatory Faculty

From my first days in Russia, I was supported by VyatSU International Office: they speak English, so I had no difficulties with communication or any language barrier. The University regularly organizes various events, that’s great! There's a lot of fun there. For example, once we participated in a competition, and our team of international students was missing one person. So VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach joined us – it was much fun! I like the way the Russian language is taught here. I have been studying Russian for five years, but I’ve never spoken as fluent as I can now. That’s all thanks to Vyatka State University! The teachers are really competent, and we also practice the language in the student dormitory - I met a lot of friends there, and they help me improve my Russian.


Josue Lopez


Electrotechnical faculty

I’ve always dreamt of coming to a Russian University. At first I had no idea which University to choose, but then I came to Kirov for an internship - to learn the Russian language and culture – and after five months I decided to stay here: I liked the city, I’ve got friends here. I thought it would be difficult to enroll, but the University staff helped me prepare the documents and go through all the formalities. Of course, it was difficult to study at first, but gradually my Russian language became better, and everything became easier for me. Teachers always help me: if I don't understand anything, they will definitely explain.


Victoriya Bazarbayeva


Institute of biology and biotechnology

It‘s essential to study in a comfortable environment and get the aproppriate professional training. VyatSU meets both these criteria. Our University offers an eventful student and academic life: it regularly hosts creative events, competitions, and scientific conferences. The University has comfortable dormitories, which is very important! You are surrounded by nice people who are always ready to help: specialists of the International Office, the Dean's office and a lot of caring students.


Diyora Umarkhodjaeva


Faculty of technology, engineering and design

Within two years of studying in Russia, thanks to Vyatka State University I managed to participate in numerous forums and competitions! It's hard to imagine my student life at another university. Here I can fully realize myself: I am a member of the Student Council of my faculty, I am a volunteer and I take part in cultural and sports events organization. Here, our university offers quite a variety of events especially for foreign students.


Elsaid Babiker


Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Design

I love Vyatka State University, because my student life is full of significant events. I am grateful to the University for the opportunity to constantly progress and develop my personality, as well as my professional skills. In addition, I appreciate that there are optimal conditions for doing science.

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